‘Thank you so much for Saturday. We were buzzing all weekend. It was just what [the bride to be] wanted.
You were the perfect person to attempt to teach us, it was fun, we learnt, we felt comfortable with you. Watching you dance was such a privilege.’


‘I received tremendous feedback from my customers on Nadia’s stunning performance on NYE’ –


‘Nadia lifted the whole atmosphere of the party’


‘The art of belly dance is beautiful, saucy and glamorous – I love the music, costumes and dance moves.  Since joining Nadia’s class I’ve danced in front of audiences, learned dance routines, visited a professional dance costumier, participated in Hafla dance events with other dance troupes, discovered new music to listen to, created dance headdresses (which has become a separate hobby, now learning with a professional milliner to make more ambitious headdress creations) and made new friends with shared interests – which has been great as I was new to the area. Nadia’s classes are ambitious, challenging, but inclusive for all abilities sizes and experience levels.   She is a superb, gifted teacher who has a passion for her craft and inspires and gets the best from her students.’


‘Seeing myself dancing alongside others in a mirror at Nadia’s classes triggered me to get serious about losing weight.  I never thought I would regain my body-confidence, lose weight or change my shape, or feel elegant, graceful and feminine about movement.  These classes have become a catalyst for making positive changes in my life.’


‘Whilst the content of the classes is taken seriously, there is often lots of laughter and it’s an upbeat experience, and after attending several classes and getting familiar with dance moves it’s possible to ‘get lost in the music’ and just enjoy dancing – which feels brilliant, akin to meditation.  As a toddler I had been dragged by an eager parent along to ballet classes, which I hated, and as a result I’d avoided anything to do with dance until taking up belly dancing.’


‘Belly dance classes with Nadia Undine are fun, friendly, light-hearted and excellent exercise – I can really feel muscles working.  I first joined the class in October 2013, thinking belly dance sounded like something new for me to try, but might end up like yoga and swimming where I’ve dabbled now and then and lost interest.  Not the case.   It’s the first form of exercise I’ve stuck at because it does not feel boring or monotonous like some other forms of exercise – it’s a beautiful expressive art form.’


‘Nadia is a gentle and encouraging teacher who finds uplifting music for the classes and creates dances that are fun to try. I always come away smiling’


‘Going to Nadia’s dance classes is a wonderful experience. This comes from a very successful mix of her genuine enthusiasm and talent, thoughtful teaching style, her choice of music, good humour and great company.  I feel I have grown in many ways from attending her classes and cannot recommend her strongly enough. Thank you Nadia.’


‘Nadia’s dance classes are fabulous! A great, well balanced mix of instruction, technique and dancing with some fun thrown in for good measure. Her classes will leave you with a feel good factor and a smile upon your face. A wonderful opportunity to learn Egyptian dance moves with a good warm up and cool down to keep you safe too. I love it!’